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Title:ID Integration
Category:Business: Services
Description:ID Integration, Inc. (IDI) is an independent systems integrator of industrial marking systems; offering hardware and software solutions which provide customers with unbiased choices for "best-in-class" performance, and matched to their own unique application requirements. Whether your company is new to UID requirements or not, ID Integration's years of industry experience can quickly help you create an integrated system of marking, verification, scanning, and database interface tools.
Meta Keywords:id integration, uid, iuid, dod uid, part marking uid, uid nameplates, uid labels, uid verification, dod, mil spec, spec2000, mil spec 130, mil spec 129, mil-spec 129, mil-spec 130L, uid marking, 2d barcode scanner, uid solutions, dfars 252.211-7003
Meta Description:ID Integration provides UID part marking, nameplates, labels, UID verification, and DOD Standard UID.
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