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Submission Guidelines

•    Your website must be in English.
•    We accept submissions from PR1 and above websites only.
•    You must provide a valid, current and veryfiable email address.
•    Once you have submitted your website, you must confirm it otherwise it will be rejected.
•    We do not allow websites with adult, gambling, warez or illegal content or links to those contents.
•    We do not allow inside pages (deep links) on REGULAR LINKS.
•    The basic criteria for acceptance is that your site contains substantial original content.
•    Mirrors, redirect sites or websites that contain links selling affiliate products will be rejected.
•    Title must be the official website name unless a featured listing is purchased.
•    Website placement and description used is at the sole discretion of the directory.
•    Once your website is approved, you will receive a confirmation email.
•    Spamming is not tolerated and will result in your site being banned from our directory.
•    Sites with only banners and or excessive pop ups/unders will not be accepted.
•    Sites must not contain any parts under construction.

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